Children’s Choir

Children’s Choir Program

Our slogan, “Developing the whole child through the choral music process” sums up the mission of the Platteville Children’s Choir. This is achieved by

  • Instilling in children the love of music and the joy of singing choral music.
  • Educating children in the art of singing choral music.
  • Fostering a team effort by blending each voice as one.
  • Providing a positive learning environment where growth in discipline, self-esteem, responsibility, and commitment are enhanced.
  • Providing opportunities for performance.

The Platteville Children’s Choir program consists of over 130 children in four groups. They differ in the singer’s ability and experience, generally based on age and grade level. Progression from choir to choir is based mainly on vocal and skill level. Commitment, behavior and musical knowledge are also considered, though as secondary factors.

Music Explorers

This choir helps children develop basic musical skills to get ready for the Apprentice choir. It is designed mainly for those in the 1st and 2nd grades. This choir uses rhythm instruments and movement to reinforce and develop singing skills. Children do not need to audition to participate in Music Explorers. At the end of the program students will audition to enter the Apprentice Choir. More details about Music Explorers is available.

Apprentice Singers

This choir is for beginners, mainly in grades 2 through 4. This choir teaches good vocal habits such as posture, breath, tone production and diction. It also covers beginning musical skills such as rhythm, part singing, harmony, sight-reading, and listening. Appropriate literature is selected to build vocal, reading, and part-singing skills. This choir aims to prepare singers to advance to the next level in the program.


This choir is for older beginners and those who have been promoted from the Apprentice Singers. They are mainly in grades 4 through 6, but may include students through grade 8. Musical habits and skills are further developed, particularly their reading skills, vocal artistry, vocal range, tone quality, and performing ability. Choristers are prepared to advance to the next level in the program.


Entry into Cantabile will be by audition. Auditions will be held in late April or very early May of each year. In grades 6 through 8, this group is challenged with a wider range of literature and performance experiences.

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