How To Join

All singers in the Platteville Children’s Choir, except Music Explorers, are admitted by audition. Singers currently in grades 2 through 7 may audition. Those who are members of the choir may remain in the program until they complete grade 8.

Audition to Join! 2022-2023 Season

Auditions are held in late April or very early May of each year.  Additional auditions may be held in late summer or early fall as openings occur.  Those accepted into the Choir must sign a contract with the choir stating their understanding and agreement with the expectations of the choir.

See the Music Explorers page for more information and how to join.

Who can audition for the Choir?

Children in the southwestern Wisconsin area who are in grades 2 through 7 and who like to sing. Potential singers are often nominated by their school music teacher; however, this is not necessary.  There is no audition for Music Explorers, although you should request a position on the roster before Oct. 1st as this choir frequently fills by that date.

What is the audition like?

The friendly directors will have the child sing some familiar songs with and without piano accompaniment and will check the singer’s voice range. They will rate the singer’s ability to match pitch, remember rhythms, read words, follow instructions and read music. They will also observe the singer’s breath support, posture, vocal technique, and tonal memory. This does not mean the singer must be greatly advanced in any of these areas, but it does help the teacher know in which areas learning is required and helps with the proper choir placement. The most important quality children need is a clear and pleasant singing voice, a love to sing and an ability to match pitch. We are a choral music education organization and teach the child how to sing and sing chorally. The total audition is about 10 minutes long.

What if I’m too afraid?

The directors who do the auditions are teachers, know and love children, are kind and gentle, and will be very supportive. A parent or guardian may accompany the singer for the audition at the discretion of the singer, but siblings and friends are not allowed in the room.

Do I need to prepare something or bring something to the audition?

No. Nothing needs to be brought and no preparation is required. However, it is useful for the singer to sing with someone, become comfortable singing by themselves, and practice singing their own part in a round like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

When and where are the auditions held?

Regular auditions are in early May.  Additional auditions may be held in August as openings occur.  Use the contact fill-in form to request an audition. Typically, this is held on a Saturday morning in Platteville.

How do I sign up for an audition?

Complete the contact fill-in form found on every webpage to contact the audition scheduler. A Children’s Choir representative will contact you with more information about auditions for the next season.

When will I be notified of the audition result?

Everyone who auditions will receive a written notice giving the audition results and possible choir placement for your child within two weeks of the audition.