How to Donate

Financial information

The Platteville Chorale and the Platteville Children’s Choir use a common operating budget. We will need $4000 from admission fees to concerts, $17,800 from singer’s dues, $5000 from donations, $1700 from Music Explorers and $2000 in grants to meet our financial obligations for the fiscal year. This money will be used to pay 5 directors (Chorale, Music Explorers, Apprentice Singers, Choristers and Cantabile), 4 accompanists, and 5 student interns; music for four choirs; insurance; and postage, printing, supplies, facility rental, bus rental, etc.


Donations are always appreciated! Contributions are welcome at any time and should be sent to

Platteville Chorale & Children’s Choir
PO Box 344
Platteville, WI 53818

Checks should be payable to either the Platteville Children’s Choir or the Platteville Chorale. Donations are tax-exempt.


In addition to the operating budget, the Platteville Chorale has established an endowed account to help us for the future as well as meet special needs such as musical instruments, uniforms, music folders, travel, etc. This fund is held by and managed by the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin. The endowed principal is invested and only the earnings are usable. The giving levels for future gifts to the endowed fund are

$200-499: Friends
$500-999: Associates
$1000-4999: Leaders
$5000-9999: Sustainers
$10,000 and up: Patrons

Charter Donors to the Endowment

Those who donated $500 or more to this account by August 31, 2007:

Gerald and Sarah Darrow
Scott Baumann and Lynn Verger
Thomas Hickey
Rob and Jill Hasker
Paul and Debra Hill
Dwight and Sharon Klaassen
David Miller in memory of his parents, Clement and Viola Miller
William and Emily Moore
Mound City Bank
Ingrid Olson
Steve and Connie Stephens
John and Ellen Urness
An accumulation of gifts in honor of Gerald and Sarah Darrow